Malaga, 19 enero 2015

Euronutra has been honored with the visit of Margarita Salas, a prestigeous Spanish biochemist who has been actively involved in the promotion of scientific research.

She went to New York to do her postdoctoral work under the direction of Severo Ochoa at the Department of Biochemistry, University of New York, from 1964 till 1967. Her work there was Reading direction of the genetic message and mechanisms of initiation protein biosynthesis”.

Margarita had a lot of support from the Nobel Prize Severo Ochoa who trusted in her and her capacities, something very rare by that time in a world dominated by men.

She has published a large number of scientific works. She currently runs the lab at the Molecular Biology Centre in the Madrid University. Along her career, she has promoted Spanish research in the biochemist and molecular biology fields.

About her visit to Euronutra facilities we would like to point out that she was very impressed by our research capacity as she was by our technology.

Margarita Salas was visiting the PTA because she was called to inaugurate a street named after her. She was accompained by the chancellor of the university of Málaga Adelaida de la Calle, the Mayor of Málaga Francisco de la Torre, the director of the technopolis Felipe Romera, The president of the Technologic Park of Andalucía José Luís Ruíz Espejo, the delegate of equality, health and social politics and Enrique Viguera professor at the University of Málaga.