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Dementia, despite what most people believe, is not a normal part of aging. According to WHO “It is a syndrome that caused by a variety of brain diseases that affect memory, thinking, behavior and the ability to perform everyday activities.” Alzheimer is the most common cause of dementia. The latest studies are linking Alzheimer to insulin resistance and/or diabetes, opening a new line of treatment for this condition.

caromax d-pinitol: The natural solution for cognitive function


caromax d-pinitol is a natural product in the family of inositols. It is available as an approved food supplement. d-pinitol has been shown to have insulin-sensitizing effects in human studies. In preclinical studies a high doses interferes with the accumulation of beta amyloid, an important step in the development of Alzheimer’s pathology. These data suggest that d-pinitol may be a reasonable therapeutic agent for the treatment of the Alzheimer’s Disease.