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We get essential nutrients from the foods we eat, and these nutrients are used by our body for growth, maintenance, repair and daily functioning. What you eat and drink can have a deep effect on your immune system, cholesterol levels and blood pressure, and can even affect your heart. If you are just trying to boost your immune system you should contribute to the consumption of food and beverages rich in nutrients. Luckily, consumers who are concerned about their health are changing their dietary habits. Manufacturers need to respond to consumer’s high demands with healthy products on multiple levels. For example, most of us want healthier foods from sustainable sources without sacrificing convenience and great taste. The truth is that even when we believe we’re eating healthy food, we may not be. In fact, 99% of foods don’t contain enough nutrients.



Changes in lifestyle due to social and cultural factors, coupled with advances in nutritional research and technological processes, have led to the development of new value-added products increasingly demanded by consumers. New foods are made using new raw materials or production processes, commonly used to cause a desired change in the composition, structure, nutritional value, metabolism or lower the content of toxic substances. They are sold as whole milk, but mostly skimmed or semi, enriched in nutrients, like proteins, minerals, vitamins, etc.



Health and natural products are getting increasingly popular around the world, as consumers become aware of the potential dangers of ingredients such as fat, cholesterol and trans fats on health.

In response, the majority of new products claim to offer additional health benefits. The new consumers’ trend, shows an increased interest in whole grain products, no additives or preservatives, vegetarian, non-allergenic, organic and easy to eat.

A quality bread (Premium), using quality ingredients, is likely to be more demanded by customers as it is perceived as of higher quality and provides consumers with healthier options.

Research also suggests that new flours used in addition to the traditional, such as amaranth, quinoa, sorghum, or spelled flour, might be more popular particularly for consumers with wheat intolerance. Organic products are also likely to become more popular.

If you have heart problems, bad cholesterol, or high blood pressure, the best way to improve your health is to change your lifestyle, lose weight, increase your physical activity and eat healthier. Nutrition is essential to one’s health. The human body is a miraculous self-healing machine, as long as it is given the proper nutrients to do its job. d-pinitol

Health and Wellness

Nowadays, food is a topic of controversy that is on everyone’s lips. The spectacular advances that the food science and nutrition have experienced in recent decades, reveal the importance of conducting adequate food as one of the best ways to promote health and physical and emotional wellbeing. The discovery of the nutrients and the role that they play within our body have learned us a lot about the properties of food. Scientific advances introduce us into the world of food and the relationship between eating habits and health.

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