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The American Heart Association defines cholesterol as “a waxy substance. It is not “bad”: your body needs it to build cells. However, too much can be a problem”. Actually, it is the most common cause of strokes and heart diseases. According to WHO “raised cholesterol is estimated to cause 2.6 million deaths (4.5% of total) and 29.7 million disability-adjusted life years “. Lowering cholesterol products is becoming a must for many people nowadays.

caromax fiber: The natural solution for lowering cholesterol


Caromax fiber is obtained from carob. It contains a high content of insoluble fiber and is especially rich in lignin. Its physiological properties (water-holding capacity and resistance to human digestive enzymes) contribute to an improved intestinal motility and bowel function. There is scientific evidence that claims that carob is insoluble fiber and effective in reducing total cholesterol, C-LDL and triglycerides, as well as improving C-HDL. Therefore, it can play an essential role in fighting cholesterol. Euronutra’s team is researching a new generation of nutraceuticals active ingredients for the beauty area. New antioxidants and moisturizers are capable of activating the beauty from the inside naturally and safely.