Loss on drying:
Bulk density:
pH value:
Solubility in water:
slighty brown powder with characteristic carob aromamin
min. 30%
min. 15%
max 7,5%
700-800 g/cc
4-7 aprox
stable under normal processing and storage conditions                                                                                                                                                                                              of foods and dietary supplements, no indications  for undesired reactions or interactions with other food                                                                                                      constituents or ingredients of dietary supplements
What is caromax extract?
caromax extractis a carob fruit extract rich in natural galactoman-nanspolyphenols and minerals.Its high content in soluble dietary fiber and low content in fat makes it a healthy productIt helps to eat less as it slows down the digestive processreleasing sugar slowly.
Natural Ocurrence
caromax extract, has been made using the best quality carob pods growing in the south of Spain. 

Physiological Activity

Satiating effects 

caromax extract helps to eat less as it slows down the digestive processreleasing sugar slowly.

Role as a suitable nutritional strategy in metabolic syndrome 

Its high content in soluble dietary fiber and low content in fat makes it a healthy product

Euronutra´s role
Euronutra is prepared to assist its customers in obtaining the necessary authorisations for their products

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 High-quality, healthy solutions demand sustainability


Sustainable ingredients are the only way that works for Euronutra. For that, our company works in a long-term basis with local agents and research centres are always seeking for the best raw materials improving the impact in the harvesting, manufacturing trying to improve the lives of all the actors involved in the circle of the product till the final consumers.Carob is harvested in Spain that grows on non-irrigated trees without the use of pesticides or fertilizers. Looking for the best varieties, lands and people has taken dozens of years, but it gives us a sustainable raw material, supplier and better planet for the next generations.Using water-soluble technologies and next-generation gentle technologies minimizes the impact that industrial activities currently has. 

Technical documentation 
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