healthy substitutes- carob powder- caromax powder

Caromax powder has been made using the best quality carob pods growing in the south of Spain. Its high content in dietary fiber and low content in fat makes it a healthy product that can be used in a wide range of application  of the food industry. Caromax powder can be used in bakery or confetionary products, as chocolate substitute, flavours and aromas or natural colouring


Antioxidative Perspectives Antioxidants play an important role in protecting the human body against oxidative processes. Caromax powder is a healthy product with high content of alimentary fiber and reduced fat content, it is also rich in  vitamines and minerals. Presence of polyphenols is associated with antioxidants properties


Digestive Perspectives Caromax posseses a high content of insoluble dietary fiber and is especially rich in lignin. Its physiological properties (water-holding capacity and resistance to human digestive enzymes) contribute to an improved intestinal motility and bowel function


Caromax powder: The natural solution for cocoa substitute