caromax syrup- carob syrup







Brix at 20ºC:

Standard packaging:
Natural carob syrup rich in fructose and glucose
Kibbled carob pulp (Ceratonia siliqua)
It can be declared as “natural fruit extract-natural sugar from fruit”
Liquid viscose
Golden-light brown
Sweet and pleasant aroma
69,0 – 71,0
One way container 1350 kg.

What is caromax syrup F+G?

caromax syrup F+G is a unique premium quality carob syrup. It is obtained from the best quality carob pods growing in the south of Spain by an innovative natural proprietary manufacturing process. It has a sweet flavour and a light golden colour. It has been specially designed for its use in all possible applications, such as bakery or dairy products as a potent edulcorate. Its content in pinitol makes this product a unique natural alternative to control blood glucose and glucose metabolism. Besides, there are clinical and preclinical researches that indicate that syrup F+G may impact numerous neurotransmitters involved in mood, anxiety and alertness.

Natural Occurrence

caromax syrup F+G is extracted from Mediterranean carob tree fruit (Ceratonia siliqua L.) using only water without any kind of solvents.

Physiological Activity

Low Glycemic Index

It is a naturally extracted syrup of low glucaemix index clinically proven offering several potencial health benefits.
Insulin resistance management 

Compared to glucose or agave, caromax F + G produces a rapid return to baseline levels, indicating that the action of mimetic insulin of d-pinitol helps reduce elevated blood glucose.

Euronutra´s Role

Euronutra is prepared to assist its customers in obtaining the necessary authorisations for their products.


High-quality, healthy solutions demand sustainability

Sustainable ingredients are the only way that works for Euronutra. For that, our company works in a long-term basis with local agents and research centres are always seeking for the best raw materials improving the impact in the harvesting, manufacturing trying to improve the lives of all the actors involved in the circle of the product till the final consumers.

Carob is harvested in Spain that grows on non-irrigated trees without the use of pesticides or fertilizers.Looking for the best varieties, lands and people has taken dozens of years, but it gives us a sustainable raw material, supplier and better planet for the next generations. Using water-soluble technologies and next-generation gentle technologies minimizes the impact that industrial activities currently has.                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Technical documentation
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