CAROB (Ceratonia siliqua)

The earliest evidence of this tree is found in the mountains of Palestine where 45,000-year-old fossilized pollen grains were found. It originated in the Eastern Mediterranean: Syria, Lebanon, Israel and the coasts of Southern Turkey. Among the benefits of the carob we can distinguish its anti-inflammatory properties and its ability to combat asthma, cystitis, laryngitis, indigestion and gonorrhea.

OLIVE (Olea europaea)

The olive is the fruit of the olive tree (Olea europaea). This plant comes from Greece and Asia Minor, where they can still be found in the forest as wild trees, these do not have the typical characteristic of the cultivated plants. The main properties of the olive is that they are antioxidants, they facilitate digestions and the emptying of the gallbladder, as well as preventing cardiovascular diseases.

GRAPE (Vitis vinifera)

There is evidence that grapes have been cultivated in Europe since prehistoric times, as there were seeds found in archaeological sites from the bronze age in Switzerland, Italy and in tombs of ancient Egypt. They are an ideal food  in protecting against cardiovascular disease and caring for skin.




SAFFRON (Crocus sativus)

There are references of saffron from the year 2300 BC, in ancient Egypt, where it was already extensively used. It has digestive properties and its high level of antioxidants help improve eyesight. It is also very beneficial for woman’s health.




COCOA (Theobromacacao) 

The word Cacao has an ancient origin, going back to the languages of the Mixe-Zoque family spoken by the ancient Olmecs. Among its properties, the flavonoids found in cocoa help prevent heart diseases and aid in maintaining a healthy brain. Furthermore, it is also known to release endorphins which can help reduce and prevent stress.

Taking care of  the full process

Every day, our team passionately works to guarantee customer satisfaction by providing them with a good product. We maintain our high quality by controlling and assuring that the raw materials that come from the Mediterranean are up to standards. We maintain this quality from the extraction of the raw material all the way to the final delivery.



From mediterranean to product helpfulness

At Euronutra we specialize in obtaining active ingredients from the Mediterranean.

Throughout the years, our technology has evolved to adapt to new ways of obtaining our products.

(Chromatography, Membranes, Crystallization, Extraction, Adsorption, Ion exchange, absolute vacuum concentratio




Euronutra promotes well-being and a healthy lifestyle for our current society. Our research department tests the effectiveness of our products through scientific demonstration. We carry out different clinical trials to check the effects of our products on our body, while working contiguously in the research of new applications for our products.


Our active ingredients can be used in pharmaceutical developments.

We work daily in refining the purity and controlling the quality of our products, for the research towards new pharma applications.


Our R & D team works on innovations to achieve a natural and healthy solution for food and beverage products each day. A continuous study of raw materials, the development of new processes and the study of the final product are essential in achieving these. This way we will also discover new benefits for our products.


Researchers in our cosmetics sector work continuously with the integration of Mediterranean products in beauty care. Thanks to the help of our partners in clinical research, we know how these products behave in cosmetics. We also specialize in the development of cosmetic products related to tanning and moisturizing.