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Euronutra is a European biotechnology company active in the research, development, manufacturing and marketing of natural Mediterranean bioactive ingredients.

The Euronutra team has more than 25 years of experience in Manufacturing and Technology, Regulatory Affairs and Business Development as well as in the fields of Health and Nutrition, Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics.

Our team is the world's pioneer manufacturer of D-Pinitol & D-Chiro-inositol, natural syrups and carob dietary fibres.

Our patented technology and processesz (self-developed from engineering to final construction) provide a natural production of healthy ingredients of the highest quality.

We offer solutions to our customers in health and nutrition, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics to enhance their healthy offerings with tailor-made functional ingredients.

A state-of-the-art factory is located in the heart of the Mediterranean area in Spain and offers you the best healthy Mediterranean diet.

Our story

Euronutra was created in 2007, in Malaga, with the aim of industrially developing a technology to manufacture active ingredients from natural resources in a technical and economical way, as a result of a research project led and developed by a team of experts in the field of Manufacturing and Technology Area, Regulatory Affairs and Business Development.

The Euronutra team initiated an agricultural project to make large thistle plots (> 650 Hectares).
Due to the potential production capacity of the thistle, the Euronutra team started to explore the potential for new products derived from the thistle.
The Euronutra team started producing the world's first natural thistle syrup.
The Euronutra team started producing the world's first cholesterol-lowering thistle fibre.
The Euronutra team started producing medium purity (90%) d-pinitol. This is the first time it has been produced on a pre-industrial scale in the world.
The Euronutra team started producing medium purity (90%) INN. This is the first time it has been produced on a pre-industrial scale in the world.
Euronutra was born in Malaga as a new market-oriented technology company with its own development of cutting-edge technology in Malaga.
The first plant is built without solvent technologies.
Production of 98% pure D-pinitol starts.
The production of D-Chiro-inositol with a purity of 98% is started.
The plant is doubled in size and the number of technologies is doubled.
In the field of R&D, it is leading the development of several new lines of research, including olive by-products, carob and external projects.
Agreement for the development of clinical trials with the Public Health Agency.
Start-up of a new production plant. It will enable the first steps to be taken to produce developed projects.
Launch of new branded products based on carob and other Mediterranean ingredients.


Our vision is to be the long-term strategic partner for a wide range of proprietary and innovative European bioactive ingredients for our customers, helping them to enhance their portfolio of new and reliable health solutions.

What makes us different?

Integrity, leadership, passion and attention to detail provide the platform for everything we do.

We care for you

Euronutra has an in-depth knowledge of the commodities market, selecting those varieties that lead to a healthy solution with all the guarantees. We only work with Mediterranean raw materials close to our facilities to avoid losing the properties and characteristics that characterise them.

Total control of the product from its origin

Euronutra has full control over the production, from the origin of the different raw materials to the final process of obtaining healthy solutions. This total control is very important for the quality of our active ingredients. For that, we have been working with local actors for a long time on the basis of a long-term relationship. This degree of control and collaboration with different partners allows us to guarantee a constant quality of our healthy solutions.

High quality demands sustainability, healthy solutions.

Aiming for the best quality in our healthy solutions, Euronutra works with farmers and cooperatives to promote best practices in sustainable agriculture: helping them with farming techniques and providing training and tools for environmentally friendly production.

The most advanced technology

The origin of the different raw materials and the production process are very important for the quality of our active ingredients, but the technology used is crucial. The unique environmentally friendly processing system has been fully developed by Euronutra over the last 15 years, so thanks to our long-standing knowledge we can create new technologies to guarantee the best quality in terms of purity and safety for you and take care of the environment at the same time. time.

360º Cooperation

Euronutra works with local actors and research centres, always looking for the best raw materials to advance the study of the health properties of Mediterranean active ingredients. Euronutra therefore works closely with universities and research centres to combine its research with the needs of end customers.

Keeping all details

Unlike other cartons or plastic bags, our packs are customisable to the needs of our end customers by ensuring the durability and quality of the final product. They comply with FDA and European Pharmacopoeia standards. We have different capacities to adapt to the needs of our customers.

Exclusivity: The best service for our customers

We understand the health concerns and the high degree of information required to meet the needs of our clients, so we work in a collaborative environment with all the actors involved in the process, for which we provide the utmost support and implementation of our expertise. This service is necessary for total customer satisfaction in a long-term relationship.

Quality and Security

Quality assurance is a top priority within Euronutra. The entire Euronutra team is committed to the highest quality standards, as this is the key to successful customers. All procedures are part of our quality. This includes our raw materials, the basis of our activity. Every member of Euronutra is fully committed to achieving total quality in products, customer services, operations and human resources.

DIN EN ISO certified

Euronutra has been certified according to the requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001: 2000 and DIN EN ISO 14001: 2004 since January 2013.

GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)

The manufacturing, filling, packaging and storage of our products are carried out in accordance with GMP regulations (current Good Manufacturing Practice in the manufacturing, packaging or holding of products). Food / 21 CFR Part 111). Euronutra therefore provides a very high standard of food safety and hygiene during all processing, filling and storage steps.

FDA Inspection

Euronutra’s facilities were inspected by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in accordance with the FDA’s Code of Federal Regulations 111 in March 2014. The inspection included manufacturing operations, HACCP, sanitation, cleaning, recall, complaint, training programme and procedures. The FDA concluded that Euronutra’s facilities are acceptable for the manufacture of D-pinitol and D-Chiro-inositol as active ingredients.


Euronutra’s HACCP system is based on the principles of the HACCP system of the Codex Alimentarius (ALI-Standard 93/13, annex 2, created by FAO/WHO), an internationally accepted standard for food and food safety. Our safety and hygiene system is frequently inspected in accordance with these requirements.


DIN EN ISO 9001:2000
DIN EN ISO 14001:2004

GMP Quality


FDA Inspected




From the Mediterranean to its applications

Health & Nutrition

From Euronutra and all our team, we try to promote wellness and healthy living in our society today. Our research department studies the effectiveness of our products through scientific demonstration, we carry out different clinical trials in order to verify the effects of the products on our body. We are also working on the search for new applications for Mediterranean products.


Our active ingredients can be used in pharmaceutical development. At Euronutra we work every day on research both to obtain new applications and to study the purity and control of our product.


Every day, our R&D team works on new innovations to achieve a natural and healthy solution for these food and beverage products. For this innovation it is necessary the continuous study of the raw material, the development of new processes and the study of the final product. In this way we will obtain new applications for our product.


Researchers in the cosmetics sector are continuously developing the integration of Mediterranean products in the cosmetics sector. Thanks to the help of our partners in the clinical research phase, we are able to know the reaction of these products in cosmetics. We specialise in the development of cosmetic products related to tanning and moisturising.