Sport nutrition is becoming very important to people who exercise regularly and, at the same time, the number of people practicing sports is rising considerably in recent years. (€11.13 billion in 2016 according to Euromonitor International). There are many products in the market consisting out of a long list of ingredients which efficacy together has not been tested yet. That is the reason why athletes are searching for natural effective ingredients.


caromax d-pinitol: The natural sport nutrition for endurance training



caromax d-pinitol is an insulin related product that will be beneficial for people into sports. It will provide all the benefits of glucose, except the risk of putting on weight. It promotes glucose transport and glycogen synthesis, making it the best natural ingredient for athletes, and it leaves sugar out of the scene. It will lead to faster muscle growth, strength and increased poweder output.

In addition, the benefits of combining d-pinitol with creatine, will help to absorb the latest into the muscle cells, this has been scientifically proven.